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Making Music Mindfully: What it Means, How to Do It, and Why Our Students Need It

What do present-moment awareness, ease of mind and body, and compassion have to do with making music? Everything. Deepen your understanding of mindfulness, discover how to incorporate it into playing and teaching, and claim your musical joy!

The Art of Practicing®: Increasing Enjoyment and Productivity through Mindfulness

Yes, your time in the practice room can be productive and joyful. The Art of Practicing® approach provides mindful strategies to bring ease, curiosity, and inspiration to every practice session.

The Fearless Performer: Find Your Center, Open Your Heart, Own the Stage

Imagine how it would feel to perform with effortless technique, soaring confidence, and an open heart. This workshop provides 3 mindfulness tools for musicians to discover peace, courage, and generosity onstage.