“Mindful Musician”

A Free Monthly Clinic for Musicians

If you’re like me, you feel called to be a musician and share your art with others.

But it’s not always easy, right?

Discipline and relaxation. Fear and confidence. Focus and joy. How do we balance it all?

Mindfulness can help. Join me once a month to learn tools for navigating a musical life.

In this clinic, we’ll practice:

Quieting the mind to increase awareness and focus

Relaxing the body for greater calm and freer technique

Being kinder to ourselves through self-compassion practices

Leaning into joy and curiosity rather than perfectionism

Moving through fear to offer your gifts onstage with confidence

These clinics are an amazing gift to our community and a very special resource. I had a space to talk about how anxiety affects my music making, and Laura helped me with a new grounding practice. Thank you for sharing your compassion and leadership, Laura!

Alison Wahl, Soprano and Composer

Please join us for community with other musicians in a relaxed and supportive environment!


2nd Tuesday of the month, 12:00-12:50 pm Eastern


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