Making music is a joyful expression of your soul that nourishes you and the world.

Don’t you wish it felt easier and more fun?

Let me guess: Striving for perfection isn’t working.

You’re experiencing physical tension, mental roadblocks, or both. Whether onstage, at home, or in the teaching space, you want to be more comfortable and confident when you play, but you never quite get there. Too much frustration is blocking the expressive joy that music usually gives you.

It doesn’t have to be this way. How do I know? Because I’ve been there.

After two degrees in performance and seventeen years of playing, I took a break from the piano. I was burnt out and exhausted. I missed my beloved teachers and without our weekly lessons to keep me in check, I struggled to see the point of daily practice. And playing for fun? I had forgotten that was an option. 

Over the years I continued to teach and accompany, but eventually I missed solo playing. I discovered a teacher who also taught mindfulness. Madeline Bruser helped me fall in love with playing again. We focused on releasing physical tension in my playing. We slowed everything down to really hear and feel the beauty of each moment in the music. And we dove deep into the inner game. With a freer technique and a more mindful approach, I reclaimed my place on the solo stage. And yes, I even started playing just for fun.

We all experience mental and physical challenges, but they don’t have to rule our playing. You can overcome these obstacles. And I can help you get there.

The bottom line? Music demands mind, body, and soul.
Let’s bring the best of all three to your playing. 

Whether you are interested in booking a workshop, exploring mindfulness mentoring, or studying piano privately, I can help. Schedule a free consultation to learn which option is a fit for you.


Professional Highlights

Certified Teacher of the Art of Practicing®. Advanced teacher training with Madeline Bruser to help pianists unlock ease, confidence, and expressive freedom

Meditation Instructor, Cornell University

Former faculty member at Ithaca College, Westminster Choir College, and The College of New Jersey

Doctor of Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

Master of Music, Piano Performance and Pedagogy, Penn State University

Bachelor of Music, Piano Performance and Pedagogy, Westminster Choir College

Certified Teacher, The Art of Practicing®

MNDFL Certified Meditation Instructor

Open Heart Project Certified Meditation Instructor

Chair, Wellness Committee, National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy