Music and Mindfulness

Many piano students struggle to play with freedom and confidence.

I help them ease their minds, free their technique, and remember why they love to play.

Establish a freer, more comfortable technique

Play pieces you love with confidence and joy

Use mindfulness practices to amplify your results

Does any of this sound familiar?

Practicing is not making perfect.

You’re not getting the results you want. Even though you practice, physical and mental roadblocks still impede your progress.

You’re frustrated.

Playing the piano used to be fun, but now it feels like work. You want to feel comfortable and confident when you play, but you never quite get there. 

You’re overwhelmed.

Focusing so much on playing “correctly” is blocking your expressive joy. It’s too hard to let go of all those notes and rhythms and just play.

Practicing is a battle.

You feel beaten and worn down after each practice session. No matter how hard you try, it never feels good enough.

You are not alone!

Most of us have experienced physical tension, mental roadblocks, or both. Our frustrations rob us of the expressive joy music offers. We get so caught up in the pursuit of perfection that we forget what brought us here in the first place — our deep love of music.

These challenges don’t have to rule our playing, and I can help you overcome them. Music demands mind, body, and soul. Let’s talk about how we can bring the best of all three to your playing.

Hi, I’m Laura!

I’m a pianist, teacher, and certified meditation instructor. I spent 18 years as a college professor before I found my true calling: helping others make music mindfully. 

I’ve helped hundreds of piano students ease their minds and free their technique so that playing the piano becomes a joyful expression of their soul that nourishes them and the world.

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How It Works

Schedule a conversation.

We’ll meet on Zoom, discuss your goals, and create a plan to meet them. Let’s talk!

Master your technique

Music demands mind, body, and soul — bring the best of all three to your playing.

Enjoy playing again

Remember why you play in the first place — your deep love of music.

What Students Are Saying

My playing is much more comfortable, and the mindfulness practices we did totally shifted my thinking about music-making. I no longer worry about technical passages in the piece but instead how I will translate my love of music to the listener. I love these breakthroughs that we have in my lessons!

Xander Dawson

I always walk out of lessons with Laura with a more confident and centered approach to both music and life! I have been able to keep piano in my life as a joyful and creative musical outlet solely because of her patience and musical expertise. I don’t play piano because I need to, I play because it’s fun.

Genevieve Fritz

I knew that Laura was going to be a great fit from my very first lesson with her. She approaches everything with kindness and compassion and cares about educating the whole person, not just the pianist. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her lessons.

Elizabeth Dawson

Before I worked with Laura,  I had considered myself someone who played piano, but never thought of myself as a “pianist.” Her focus on healthy playing, performance anxiety, and mental and physical health, in general, has helped me develop my technique, gain confidence, and sustain a career that involves long periods of playing, and still be healthy!

Nancy O'Connor